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Merchant Remote Deposit Capture 

Small business owners who are pressed for time rarely want to make additional trips to the bank or ATM to deposit checks. At Community National Bank and Trust, we make it simple to deposit payments into your small business or commercial checking account with remote deposit capture (RDC), also sometimes referred to as “deposit-on-demand.” With RDC, you can make these deposits without ever leaving your office or business’s location.

How does remote deposit capture work?

With RDC, you use a scanner to convert paper checks to images. These images are then electronically transmitted to your bank. We will provide a check scanner you can connect to your computer. This scanner can even allow you to deposit multiple checks at once.

What are the benefits of using remote deposit capture?

There are plenty of benefits to businesses who choose RDC for their transactions. These include:

  • Making deposits without visiting a bank branch
  • Extended cutoff times for deposits
  • Lower service charges associated with deposited items
  • Receiving funds 48-72 hours faster than with manual check deposits

How is this different from mobile deposit?

Mobile deposits through an app often have limits on both the number and dollar amounts of checks you may deposit into an account.

Is my business a candidate for remote deposit capture?

Remote deposit capture is a great fit for many businesses, including those that don’t tend to handle a lot of cash transactions. Small businesses with limited staff also benefit, since it doesn’t require personnel to leave the business to deposit. You can also make multiple deposits throughout the day versus one single deposit.

How do I sign up for remote deposit capture?

To learn more about remote deposit capture and how it can help streamline your business operations, reach out to your local Community National Bank & Trust banking center, or reach out to contact us with your questions.