Debit Card - Important Update

As you are making travel plans, please call your local Community National Bank & Trust and notify us of the states/countries you will be traveling to or through as well as your travel dates. This will allow us to place a Travel Alert on your account so that your debit card will continue to work as you travel. Recurring transactions will process normally.

If your card is unable to be processed regularly using your chip card at a chip terminal, using your PIN will allow the transactions to process. Please let us know if you need assistance resetting your PIN if you do not know it.

For your security, the following locations have blocks on debit card use:

  • International (ex US, Canada, Mexico, UK) – POS, PIN and Signature transactions, all amounts

If you need to process a transaction in a blocked location, please call your local Banking Center or our Internet Banking department for assistance: (866)-951-0255.

To report a lost or stolen DEBIT card call Toll Free: (800) 754-4128 (Domestic) and (727) 227-9012 (International)

Protect Yourself

Mobile Banking Security Tips

Online Banking Fraud Prevention Best Practices — For End Users

To report a lost or stolen CREDIT card call Toll Free: (800) 754-4128 (Domestic) and (727) 227-9012 (International)

  • You can protect yourself by checking your credit card account periodically. Log into the following website to check your statement, make payments, and verify charges: or call customer service at (866) 604-0380.

To report a Lost or Stolen Checkbook, please contact your local banking center as soon as possible after the loss or theft is discovered.