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Positive Pay

From stock market crashes to data breaches, the list of risks your business faces is endless. There’s a certain risk, however, that often becomes a reality for many businesses: check fraud. While we may not be able to predict the future, Community National Bank & Trust can protect your business from potential check fraud with our anti-fraud system, Positive Pay.

How does Positive Pay work?

We believe the protection of your business is a team effort. When you sign up for Positive Pay, we’ll work with you to detect check fraud by identifying checks submitted for payment that your business did not approve. Just provide information about all the checks you’ve issued through your accounts, and we’ll cross-reference them for potentially fraudulent deposits.

If we find checks presented for payment that haven’t been listed in your provided information or whose details do not match the issued item, we’ll flag and review them with you. Can’t visit the bank in person? No problem. You can review flagged items from the comfort of your home when you enroll in online banking.

Sign up for Positive Pay with Community National Bank & Trust Today

The future may be full of risks, but you can give your business the check fraud protection it deserves with Positive Pay from Community National Bank & Trust. Visit a banking center near you to sign up for our excellent anti-fraud system today.